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'My Barking Cat'

Cat-Cat and his girl...

Cat-Cat and his girl...

We just lost an incredible part of our small family yesterday... our 13 year old black cat "Cat-Cat". We took him to the vet Friday because of some weight loss. They took blood and ruled out all the things that could possibly be treated and gave us the the news of cancer.

We decided that since there wasn't signs of pain and that he was still eating and drinking that we would take him home and enjoy some more time him.

Saturday he was moving (slowly) and eating and drinking, but by Sunday he didn't move and his breathing was labored. That led us to the most heartbreaking decision we have had to make... we put our loving Cat-Cat to sleep. Come to find out he did have cancer, a massive lymphoma in his belly that continued to grow until he couldn't eat.

I am angry and guilty and so terribly sad. I wish I had known, I wish, I wish, I wish...

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