Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Beautiful Buddy'

by Dianna Petrytus
(Litchfield Park, Arizona)

My Baby Boo

My Baby Boo

Well it's been almost 8 weeks, and the longest 8 weeks of my life. I find myself looking at my beautiful Buddy's picture and breaking out into uncontrollable sobs. I was very lucky to have my boy with me for just over 20 years, he had a good life and brought me such joy. I know he has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and is pain free, and I honestly think I feel him checking on his "mom" to make sure I am ok.

To all the wonderful people who share their stories on this site, I would like to say thank you. I read them all every few days and I understand your pain. May god bless all of you when you are down and the sorrow feels overwhelming, and keep you all and our "babies" in his loving light, til we all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.


Dianna (Litchfield Park, Arizona)

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