Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Beautiful Buddy'

by Diana DeSalvo
(Hudson, fl)

We rescued a Buddy as a puppy in July of 2006 and never thought we would have such a perfect dog. On 10/10/2011, my buddy passed. I am still sad. You see, he was just 5 years old.

Buddy was the perfect dog person I have ever had the joy to have. He was gentle, kind and gave us all unconditional LOVE. He played, made us laugh and everyone fell in love with him. He was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, such a handsome guy. We miss him so much.

Buddy had lymphoma and was in stage 4 when we started the treatment. Thanks to our vet, Buddy lived 17 months longer than he should have. Which meant, we had 17 months of Buddy's love. Buddy's last 17 months were EXCELLENT. I would have never put him through pain and suffering.. we loved him too much.

On the morning of 10/10, he had trouble breathing and passed within 2 hours. He was around all his family and went peacefully. When I read Rainbow Bridge, it did comfort me some. Anyone who loved an animal that passed, should read the poem. The heart takes a long time to repair.

We try and keep busy and we also adopted 2 puppy's so that my son could laugh again. Please visit our website Buddy was an amazing dog and will be missed forever!!!!!! love you Buddy... he'll always be my boo boo baby!!!!


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