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'My Beautiful Cat, Jessie'

by Nicole
(Australia )

Jessie arrived as a little bundle of fur when I was about 3 years old. I don't remember much of her kitten hood, however I've been told that I used to dress Jessie up in dolls clothes, hold her up-side down and generally treat her pretty rough, as most children do. Through my childhood and teenage years, Jessie served as the one and only who would always be a source of comfort to me when I was having troubles. She would (somewhat impatiently) wait until I soaked her fur with tears and give me a look that said "are you done now?" before proceeding to give herself a thorough wash.

Jessie was definitely a princess of the highest rank. She expected to be hand-fed when she was sick (it had to be chicken) and would meow (nag) to be pat whenever she saw someone approach.

The thing I loved most about Jessie was the boundless amount of affection she gave. She would rub her head affectionately against your legs, hand, and anywhere else she could reach. She always used to sleep with me at night, curled up on my back, stomach or (unsteadily) on my hip. During her senior years, her purr was pretty muffled, but you could always tell she was very content by her kneading paws, half-closed eyes and little smile on her face.

She had her "annoying" traits, such as meowing to be let out, before skittering straight back in, refusing to make space for me on my seat or bed and generally nagging constantly to be pat or fed, among other things. I would take back everything to be able to stroke her beautiful fur and hear her meow again.

Jessie's first major health problem started last year. A routine vet check showed an abnormal mass in her ear. She had cancer of the temple. Antibiotics were given and the operation was scheduled. Because Jessie was 16, they didn't hold much hope for her pulling through the surgery. true to her style, Jessie pulled through with flying colours and with dignity (except for the cone on her head!) We rejoiced and looked forward to spending more time with our beloved baby.

Then, around a fortnight ago, Jessie stopped eating as much as she usually does. Being a fussy cat, we just put it down to her being sick of eating a certain brand of food. We were wrong. Jessie's blood count showed high levels of chemicals in both her liver and kidneys. She meowed in pain when her tummy was touched. we were told to try some medicine to stimulate her appetite and clear up whatever was going on in her tummy. we tried for a week, but unfortunately, her appetite didn't pick up enough. She started snubbing our attention and would sleep all day.

Eventually, today we decided the humane thing to do would be to let her go. As painful as it was, The vet said if we left her, she would have detoriated quickly and would have been too sick to function in a week. We didn't want to see her decline. We wanted our memories of her to stay good. I cuddled her as the vet administered the sedative, but I couldn't stay for the final shot, it would have been far to painful. My dad was there cuddling her as she peacefully drifted away. I know my beautiful girl has gone to a pain-free world where she can laze in the sun all day (without two big dogs slobbering over her) and eat a whole chicken to herself!

Jessie passed away today (Wednesday 7/9/2011). I feel like my whole body has been ripped apart and I don't know when I'll feel normal again. Writing this story, along with my beautiful memories of my 17 years with Jessie will help me heal in some sense.

RIP Jessie, We all LOVE you and MISS so so much. I'll see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge someday my little angel xoxo

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