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'My Beautiful Fiesty Sparkey - I Miss You'

by Natalie
(London, UK)

My hero Sparkey

This beautiful tabby feisty girl was brought in to my life at the age 6, I remember the very first day mum brought her home. She was half blind and was the only cat of the litter not to be chosen, apparently a few people had seen her but was put off by the fact she was blind in one eye. We didn’t care we loved her for who she was a beautiful feisty girl who was so feisty because of the fact she was partially sighted which I believed left her wary. It was hard trying to melt her heart however after persistent love and affection she was all mine.

We were best friends I had some troublesome teenage years and through the tears she would always be there to cry with me. Whenever I used to cry or sing she would rub her head against mine and give me the loudest and most irrestible purr. She was amazing, she had what I lacked and really helped me become the person I am today.

She was oh so very special to me and I loved nothing more than deliberately crying just to get some of her special attention. She was the queen of the house and wouldn’t ever hesitate to give us a slap when we cuddled her too much or when we touched her beloved tail. She was simply amazing, I've had cats before and since but never has my soul connected with anyone or anything so strongly. Christmas was a favourite time of ours and I loved nothing more than watching her tear apart her presents and purr in her special loud voice.

We had 19 amazing years together and I am thankful for every second she ever graced me with her presence. Over the last 6 months she changed. She lost weight, would meow to her self and just wasn’t the happy soul I knew. 3 months ago she went blind I don’t think I have ever cried so much. I knew inside our time was coming to an end.

The vet diagnosed her with kidney problems and gave her some meds which really brought my baby back I was delighted, happy the nightmare was over. The last month I started work as a full time teacher I was barely home and my mum was caring for her full time, I however was happy she gained weight and seemed to be doing so well.

Yesterday my world came to a stand still. She urinated herself the night before, her breathing became really shallow and she was disorientated. Mum took her to the vets where she decided to have her euthanized, something I am absolutely devastated about. I had no chance to thank my best friend for the privilege of knowing her, for her devoted friendship which was endless.

I had one last snuggle with her and told her just how much I loved her and she better be waiting for me. That was yesterday and I am absolutely devastated, so many regrets, so much hurt I cannot put in to words how I feel my world has been shattered.

But it's not about me it's about you my baby and I am happy that you no longer have to suffer, your life was a struggle but I know from your beautiful loud purr you know you was very loved. I will always love you and will always miss you my friend. Now you're gone I am alone and I just feel so sad without you here to comfort me. Thank you Sparkey for coming in to my life you was surely sent from god and to god you will return – until we meet again sleep tight my angel mummy loves you and always.

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