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Your Love for Molly
by: Ron


Just wanted to let you know that I feel the pain of your loss. Molly, just like my dog, have taught us the most important things in life. Love and devotion. I'm sure that you are a better person now after allowing Molly into your heart. She smiles down on you now, knowing that she did her best. Remember, she wants you to be happy. She always did!

Love to you and Molly!!!

by: Teresa

From my heart to yours darling.. got my Xena about the same time you got Molly. .and she was there when nobody was... lost her last June and it seems I've just been so lost.. just going thru motions. But I have two pups now.. not to replace her but to extend her.. around Christmas I found Xena's caught me so off guard! I boo hooed.. the pups.. God love them.. did everything in their puppy power to comfort me. I had to put her things away for a while. I still go to pieces, sooo many memories. Just think, darling you're never going to get over her.. time will ease some of it.. it won't feel like such a gaping hole.. this was a long relationship built on love and trust.. years.. it won't be undone. Don't you know she's waiting.. she's just moved beyond your touch..

Miss Molly
by: Connie Collum

Your story about Miss Molly was so heartwrenching and beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss. Praying that God will touch you and ease your pain more and more each day. Take comfort in knowing that no longer will Miss Molly feel pain or illness but runs happy and free across the Rainbow Bridge, furever young, furever in your heart and furever waiting for you.
God Bless,

Eternal love
by: adela

Dear Vanessa,
I understand your pain... I lost
Trixie in 2011, she was only 10 and I'm still devastated. I live with the hope that maybe one day we'll meet again!
I have no words to support you, but believe me, I know how it feels :(

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