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Thank you
by: Brenda

Thank you so much for your words of comfort and understanding. I will always love and miss my beloved Benjie - he meant the world to me. Only true dog lovers know the heartbreak we go through.
If anyone wants to be in touch, then my email is

Canine Soulmates
by: Coral (UK)

Love is not species specific, love is love. The depth of our grief shows the depth of our love for the ones we have lost. I lost Ralph, my beloved Springer Spaniel on 5th Nov 2011 at age 14. We were together for almost 13 years and I still mourn him 14 months on. I still cry for him most days when I am on my own just for a short while. I will never be ashamed of that, I miss him with every beat if my heart. You are a wonderful person and Benjie was lucky to have you in his life as you were to have him. You are with kindred spirits on this site and I think it says a whole lot to me about people who love their animal friends so much. These are the people I want to know.
My thoughts are with you.
Love Coral, Warwickshire

Your best
by: Anonymous

You are the angel, you did more than any mum for her furby child could ever do. I know how you feel, I cry for my bridge angels a lot. He is at the Rainbow Bridge, until your time comes to join him once again. All my love to you and sweet Benjie, he knows you love him. xxxxx

by: Anonymous

I understand exactly how you feel I lost my baby in November 2012, he was almost 18 yrs old and we had him from birth. I still cry sometimes, and then you get people to say ‘don’t know why you carry on so much, it was only a dog, NO he wasn’t he was more human and some people. I will always love and miss him....

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