Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Beloved Buddy

by Johnny Johnson

My beloved Buddy was born in May 2002 and I got to hold him right after he was born. I knew he was going to be my dog after what he was doing in the kennel. He would follow my finger around when his was still shut and after they were open he would follow me everywhere I went in the house. But that's not the whole story I also owned the Mom of him, she was the smartest dog I ever had.

They both were truck dogs they rode on the 18 wheeler with me, they were on the truck for about six years. In 2006 my beloved Candy took ill with cancer and that really hurt me bad. I truly love my dogs, there's nothing I would not do for them. But when my Buddy died that just about killed me.

I didn't know he was sick at all until he died. He passed away on Sunday January 15, 2012. He was only ten when he died I know I truly miss him, it's going to be a long time for me to heal over this. I have said goodbye to him before he passed away, there'll not be a day go by I won't think of him. He also had a sister she died of something nobody knew around here she was a blond.

Well I don't want to bore anybody with my story so I will say goodbye to all the pet lovers in the world. Please have it in your heart please say a good prayer for my dogs and all those that will pass away tonight.

Buddy, Daddy loves you very much. I will see you soon, bye bye my dog.

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