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'My Beloved Budgie Bobo'

My first pet was an untamed budgie but he was starting to get used to me. He started coming close to my hand, chirping when I come home and whenever I play music. I loved him so dearly I really really do.

One day I had to rush to see a doctor appointment myself and forgot to close the top of his cage for training purposes the night before. After I came back from the appointment I happily went over to the cage to greet him and expected greetings from him too. But there was no sound.... my heart raced and there he lied on the bottom of his cage.

Then I realized my ferret's cage door was opened although I securely closed it before I left. My beloved budgie was killed. My heart was shattered in a million pieces. My hand trembled very hard as I picked up my poor and dear Bobo's corpse.. I loved him so dearly. I cannot stop crying for him once in a while. I cannot get over it.

I know I am the one to be blamed for his death as I stupidly forgot to close the top of his cage. I later checked my ferret's cage and see why it could be open, I realized it could indeed be popped open with a strong force. It is a tragic accident that could have been avoided. I know I shouldn't blame my ferret as I clearly know that's their nature. But I cannot help myself from not playing with my ferret these days (though I let him out regularly).

I am missing my budgie so much so much. I am so sorry for him I can do anything for him to come back to live again. My heart hurts a lot and it feels like it will not end. The image of the death of my budgie and those pics and videos we have had together makes my tear comes instantly. My beloved pet killed my beloved pet. My world was around them now there is a missing piece in my life. I feel empty somewhere and there is no more lovely chirps when I play music. Everything in my room reminds of him. I love you and I am tremendously sorry for you.

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