Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Beloved "Chicken"'

by Carmen Mewes
(Mira Loma, CA)

On January 6, 2010, the day I had dreaded for many years had finally arrived. My little white Chihuahua named "Golden" aka "Chicken" had to be put to sleep. She was going to be 15 years old on April 14th, 2010. The little Chicken was the toughest girl I've ever met! She suffered through a stroke over four years ago which left her unable to walk very well, however she would always make the effort if there was Chicken being cooked across the room. She could smell it from a mile away... that's not why we nick-named her Chicken... but she sure did love Chicken.

I got Chicken two weeks before I had my youngest child. Being a single mom who was raising three kids on my own, Chicken has represented a very difficult, yet rewarding time of my life. Of course being a Chihuahua, she ran the house -- demanding a certain amount of attention and star treatment. She didn't like just anybody, but as she aged, she warmed up to most anybody that learned to ignore her initially.

My Nephew Caleb came to visit us last April, 2009. On the way home from the airport, he asked me, "Is Chicken still alive?" I responded that she was. He asked if he could pet her, so I told him to allow her to warm up to him and ignore her for a while, and then she would come to him. After we got into the house, this inquisitive and analytical young boy began trying to "ignore" her, but kept a watchful eye on her.

After a period of about a half an hour, he came up with a very serious face and asked, "Has anybody noticed that Chicken can't walk that good?" I told him that yes we had noticed, and explained that it was because of her stroke that she had years prior. After a pregnant pause he responded, "Well then how's she gonna come up to me?!" We all laughed and enjoyed the moment... and Chicken did come up to him eventually.

As the end of her life neared, Chicken's ability to walk diminished greatly until the day where she could no longer get up to even drink water or go potty. Her breathing became labored and she was clearly in pain. My heart broke that day, but God gave me the strength to make the decision to get her into the vet to put her to sleep. All three of my kids were there and we all said goodbye. I held her when she passed away.

I miss her terribly, but my life is better because she was a part of it. When others left me, when others let me down, when others judged me, Chicken was there for me -- unconditionally. I love you Chicken!

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