Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Beloved Harold'

by Jamie Seymour

My Wife and I got Harold our Basset Hound 10 yrs ago, Harold recently had developed problems with his ears, and the joints in his back legs, which made his everyday routines very hard to cope with. I would have to carry him to bed at night because he couldn't make it up the stairs. We had many visits to the vet, medicines etc.

We could not stand to see him in the pain he was in anymore, so we made the hardest decision of my life to have him put to sleep, I couldn't stand to see him suffer anymore, it wasn't fair to him.

We took Harold to the vet yesterday, this was not easy for me, I felt I was letting him down, giving up on him, but it was because I loved him so much. I laid on the floor with him and comforted him, while the procedure was done, the vet gave us as much time as we needed, I held on to him for 15 minutes afterwards, said my goodbyes, it was hard to leave that room, but I knew he was at peace and in a much better place.

Today has been really hard on me, I feel some guilt and anger not on anyone but myself for maybe not trying hard enough, giving up, but I know we did what was best for him. I have been finding lots of comfort thinking of all the fun times we had, and going through photos and having a very supportive group of family and friends. I have along ways to go for my healing, but I must say writing this letter makes me feel a little better.

We decided to have Harold cremated and bring his ashes home, so he can be with us, that's where he would want to be. Harold is my best friend and I will always keep him close to my heart....

Love you forteeno

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