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I Understand
by: Dianna

I just lost my husky mix named Buddy who was my constant companion for over 20 years. I loved him with all my heart and it's only been since 6/10/09 the hole in my heart I don't think will ever heal. People who don't have dogs think I am silly to feel this way as a dog lover yourself I know you understand more than anyone, thank you for sharing your story of your baby Fudge.

Erin and Fudge - Best Friends
by: Margaret, Dartmouth, NS

OMG .. I cried while reading this. Very touching chronicle of you and your best friend, Fudge. I can feel the enormous love you shared.

I lost my Spike (yellow lab)last October 16, 2008. He was such an intregal part of our lives. I miss him a lot. Every day I say good morning to him (his picture and ashes sit above the loveseat he loved to sleep). My husband and I love talking about Spike keeping his memory alive. We tell Josh, our new adopted lab - we say, Spike would have loved you.

I know you will remember the happy times with Fudge, Erin. He's looking down at you smiling.


Thank you all
by: Erin

Thanks Ladies for the comments.

It's very hard going on without him =(
I just miss him so much.

by: Anonymous

When I clicked the page and first saw the picture of Fudge it made me smile....what a great Life on this planet he must of had with you.

I know in my Heart that Mittens and Willie and all my pets that have passed through my life were there to greet Fudge and make him feel at home until you meet him again and you will Love.

Remember a Pet is only forgotten when it is no longer Remembered.
I wish you Peace and contentment at Gods Speed and until then Shalom with Love,


by: hazel

Dear Erin,

I could feel how much you love FUDGE. I know the depth of sorrow and emptiness you are feeling right now and how traumatized you are over his passing.

I lost my baby SNOOKIE on April 18, 2009 (MY BABY SNOOKIE is in your pet loss stories). As of now, my life without SNOOKIE has no meaning. I cry and cry and long for her every second every minute every hour.

My very first puppy I got and love so deeply was when I was 20 years old. Since then I have lost a total of 4. They are all the joy and the love of my life. I am 50 years old now. Snookie, I feel, is going to be my last baby.

In time, you will be able to slowly accept the loss of FUDGE and think of him as truly a gift from GOD.

I can say for sure that he was the luckiest dog that ever lived because he had you "ERIN" by his side all through his lifetime here on earth.


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