Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Best Friend Scooby and I...'

by Cheryl Zeien
(Mason City, Iowa)

I rescued Scoob from a puppy mill that was going to use him for breeding purposes only! I fell in love with the little critter after meeting him at the breeders. Though I really couldn't afford it, I bought Scooby for $350. He and I became best of friends, and went everywhere together.

On June 15, 2011 my grand daughter, Ava, came over to take Scoob for a walk with me. Ava is only 3 and a half now. She and I put the leash on Scoob and started off down the sidewalk in front of our house. We didn't get but maybe 50 feet when suddenly my neighbors pitbull came tearing around their house and headed straight towards Scooby!

Before Ava and I knew it.... the pitbull grabbed Scooby off the ground as Ava held onto the leash terrified! He began to violently shake him back and forth as we watched in horror! The neighbor boys who are about 15, stood there dumb founded and yelled at their dog to stop! I was in shock and had no choice other than try to pry the jaws of the pitbull open to somehow make him let go of my baby before he was dead!!!

The harder I tried to force it to release my dog.. .the more he shook and bit down harder on my poor helpless baby boy! By this time Ava and I were both in tears screaming uncontrollably at the neighbors to get their dog to drop Scooby! All I could see was the look of total terror in Scooby's little eyes as he was slowly and painfully being killed by this MONSTER!!! I have NEVER been so disgusted and MAD and scared to death in my life!!

By the time he finally dropped Scooby... he was barely alive! He and I were both bloody. All I could do was grab Ava and Scoob and drive as fast as I could to the nearest animal hospital. Ava was still hysterical screaming for Scooby to be ok. Begging me to let her see his lifeless body.

As the vet took Scooby away quickly and tried her best to save his precious life.... we cried and cried and asked ourselves WHY???? I went into the room to see my baby boy and he was hurt SO BADLY... broken ribs, punctured lungs! He had big holes in both sides of his tiny body where every time he took a breath.... air would come in through his torn flesh. His mid section was wrapped in saran wrap to help keep the air from coming in through his sides when he tried to breathe.

He was suffering SO badly that I BEGGED the doctor to put him to sleep so he wasn't suffering anymore. It was horrible. So senseless and TRAGIC! Scooby was innocent and he was the BEST friend I have ever had. I had him cremated so when I pass on he can be buried with me.

Ava and I still have nightmares because of that dog. Worst of all.... My neighbors have never apologized to me!!!! I have to live in the house I own next to them and relive that day every time I go out front of my house. Their dog had no rabies shots so it was taken into custody for 15 days. If my neighbors could have came up with the $200 to get their dog out of the impound... they Could have done so. Thank God they didnt have the money!

It cost me well over $800 and I didn't get a dime or an "I'm sorry" at all!!! These people are the worst neighbors in the world!! I hope that I can maybe someday stop having nightmares and thinking about the whole incident. It is consuming me. I miss my Scooby so badly! You wouldn't believe how it broke my heart!!

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