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by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

Oh, Dannielle, I feel your pain my dear. I really do. And you're still going through such a difficult time, dealing with hurt, pain, sorrow and frustration.

It's really hard when you didn't give Laci a proper good-bye, being there for her during her passing.

I'm sure you talk to Laci everyday, you may even look at her beautiful picture and tell how much you miss and love her, and talk about the good times you had. Laci knows how much you loved her, Danielle. She really does. Right now, she is looking down at you, her tail wagging happy to see you. Laci would want you to be happy, because she knows you will always love and remember her. She hears you talking about her to your family and friends and Vera.

In time you will grow to truly love Vera. All loves aren't the same with your pets. I loved my beloved Spike, my beuatiful yellow lab. My boy was almost 10 when he passed a year and half ago. I miss him ALOT! I talk and smile to his picture everyday. He's here at Pet Matter's too.

Now we have one year old puppy Josh. A brown lab. (I talk to Josh about Spike). Like you loving Vera, I love Josh too. But like you, it wasn't the same (love). It took several months, but I've grown to TRULY LOVE Josh. I adore my boy. He's a sweetheart.

You and Laci (in your heart) and Vera stay strong and happy.

Margaret - HUGS

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