Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Best Friend'

by Danielle Mello
(Burkburnett Tx USA)

Laci my love

Laci my love

I had a dog named Laci. I got her when I was 4. We went for walks everyday and stayed by each others side throughout the day. She was my baby girl. She slept with me at night. Her room was my room. When we went for walks we didn't use a leash, because she stayed right at my side. She was a female black chihuahua. She was abused before I got her.

Then one day on October 27, 2009 I came home from school and Laci wasn't waiting at the door for me. I went into panic mode, screaming and hollering bloody murder. I ran outside yelling her name with endless tears running down my face. Why me! I cried for days. I didn't go to school. Didn't eat. Didn't sleep for 3 days. Then thoughts of suicide came. I tried to hang myself but was caught before I could die. You're thinking "all this for a dog", but she wasn't a dog. She was my best friend.

My nana sent me to state hospital where I stayed for a month. When I got out I got a new dog. Her name is Vera. I love Vera to death but I would rather have my sweet Laci home. Or at least see her again and give her a hug and say goodbye. I wrote this poem for her.

Lost I'm lost

My hands reach out

For fur

For beautiful brown eyes

My lap has lost it's weight and warmth

My joy, my friend, my childhood's end

A shadow in my head.

I love you Laci.

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