Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Best Friend'

Since I was 8 years old my beloved chocolate lab Roxie had been my best friend. She was the companion I'd always needed. When my dog turned 13 she suffered a massive stroke losing most of her vision and balance. No one thought she would recover, even the vets. But I could not bear the thought of losing my best friend without even so much as one more day to play with her floppy ears or rub her belly for hours.

I had faith she would pull through and she did. She gave me one more year of love and affection. I told her all of my secrets, her side was my pillow, her and I were inseperable and she will always be in my heart. My Roxie died of cancer at the age of 14. She will forever be in my heart and nothing can replace that first companion.

Pets are incredible creatures that touch the souls of every one. She was an amazing dog and will be incredibly missed.

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