Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Best Friend<3'

by Alissa

My dog, Duke, was ran over on Saturday morning while I was in the shower. My brother came to the door and said, "Duke got hit by a car, and he's dead". I told him I didn't believe it. So, I put a towel around me and went outside. My Mom, youngest brother, and Dad were walking towards me crying. My mom told me to go get dressed and I could see him before we buried him. I went upstairs and broke into tears, got dressed, went back outside and went to go pet his motionless body.

I couldn't believe it. There he was on the side of the road. My first instinct was to pick him up and hold him tight for all the times he's sat there and licked away my tears. I loved this dog til the day I die. He was and always will be my best friend forever & always!

We buried him in the backyard, I made a circle of rocks around it and we are going to plant flowers there so we know when they grow that he is always there watching us, and telling us he's happy.<3

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