Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Best Friend'

by Rebecca
(Chester, NS)

I told just a week ago that my cat passed away. I feel so lost without him he was my best friend and mainly my baby boy. He was my life and he is now gone. This has been so hard on me I have lost cats before but I have never felt this pain before. I literally felt my heart ache, I cried for days and I am still lost and have no tears to cry.

I blame myself cause he lives with my dad but my dad told me to leave him there so I did and now he is gone. Maybe if I'd stayed with him he would be alive? I live with this regret it's all I ever think about.

I miss his weird purr or the way he knew something was wrong so he cuddled me and would always wake me up when he thought I should be up. He was everything to me, I don't think I will ever get over him, I loved him and still do. I miss him of every minute of every second of every day,

Love you Smokey you're my baby boy forever <\3

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