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'My Best Friend'

I had a Himalayan Chocolate Point named Mooshie. I had her since she was 6 months old. We grew very close in the coming years. When she was a kitten she would lay across the back of my neck and we both would fall asleep. She had the normal toys but there was one in particular that was a small stuffed puppy. Of course we named it puppy. she loved when I would put in the jar of cat nip. Then I would throw it down the hallway. She would lick it then roll on it. She treated that as if it was her kid.

I loved to take pictures of her. Actually she loved to have her picture taken. What a ham. Some pictures she looks like she actually is smiling.

As the years passed she started sleeping on my legs at night. Her ritual would be after I would settle down to go to sleep come in do some scratching on the side of the bed so I can pet her goodnight. Since I sleep on my stomach it was easy to pet her. Then she would jump up on my back and curl up on my legs/thigh. We would drift off into dream land together.

She also would sit on the front window sill around the time I would get home waiting for me to pull up. I would open the door and she would be right there to greet me. I would proceed to the bedroom where she would run ahead of me and do a scratch scratch on her scratcher then jump up to the bedroom window sill for her greeting of kisses and petting.

Also I would brush her as she loved it. I would go into the kitchen to fix dinner and feed her her's. She loved fancy feast seafood! Then I would go over to my coffee table and sit on the floor to eat and watch TV. Every time she would come over to check out what I had. She was very loved and showed love unconditionally.

She was between 12-13 yrs old and she died at home. I knew something was wrong because she did not have any energy. I called my vet, explained to them what was going on and they said to wait till the following day to bring her in. I put her on her blanket and kissed her and petted her. I always rubbed my mouth over her head. She loved that. I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning she was gone.

Devastated, confused, angry and upset. I took her to the vet as soon as they opened. I am having her cremated and then she will be back with me in spirit and back home. I do truly believe we will see each other again. The love pets have for us and us for them is stronger than anything I would know. I have had a lot of pets and they all hold a special place in my heart. I miss them all dearly. Fond memories of them all. I do believe in Rainbow Bridge!

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