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Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Big Dog Turbo'

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

I recently lost almost the same type of best friend! I share in your grief!! Thank you for your story.

My Condolences
by: Martha Doss

Hi My name is Martha Doss, and I am sorry for your loss.

Each day gets better.

Also, if you have an e-mail account you send your pictures from your phone to your account. First, on your cell phone you go to My Pictures, click on the picture that you want to send. Next, go to Options, click on Send and OK, next click on Picture Message and OK, in the New Picture Message, type in your e-mail address press OK,you should be on a page that says call back number with your number on it,then press send, when your picture finish uploading to 100 percent, check your email account.

Respectfully yours,

Martha Doss

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