Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Big Dog Turbo'

by Lori
(Alpine utah)

Turbo came into my life 14 years ago. My son was only 1 month old and they grew up together. Of course Turbo grew into a 130 pound bruiser but oh so gentle best friend. He protected my kids as if he was the parent but in the same breath he looked at me like I was his mom. You see normally I am a cat person and only wanted a cat, but when my hubby brought him home I fell in love with my very first dog.

Eventually I did get a cat and she and Turbo were best friends, when he would lick her face his entire tongue covered her whole face. She would meow at him and he would just lick her. Usually I'm scared of big dogs cause as I said I'm a cat person, but I never was afraid of my big dog. He scared other people he didn't know and he had a very fierce growl and even more scary bark, but only if he thought his family was being threatened.

As he got older he got a lot slower except for when his master would go outside to see him, he became a puppy again. In the very end he just laid down by his water dish and went to sleep. I have never felt such a loss. I felt like I lost a child. I couldn't go with my husband to bury him, I couldn't watch him throw dirt on my big dog.

So 2 days later we found a big rock and I wrote on it Turbo. August 13th 2012 RIP "my big dog". And got a flower and placed it on his grave. Also I kept his collar and have it locked up. I still have a really hard time looking outside and he's not there telling me with his beautiful eyes that he is still here. I do have pictures of him but they are on my phone and I'm technology impaired and don't know how to transfer them. Thank you for letting me share my story and my grief over my really big son Turbo.

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