Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Biggest Fan'

by Dale
(Milwaukee Wis.)

I had five cats, four boys, one girl.

It's just me and the boys now. I had to say goodbye to my Dusty on Jan. 28 2013.

Dusty was the second of the five. She became part of my family in Jan. 2005 and was five years old when she was given to me.

I like to play around with my karaoke at home, and one day when I was singing a song, Dusty jumped from a chair onto my shoulder and started rubbing her face against mine.

I thought this was really cute and to my surprise she did this almost every time I would sing after that.

Dusty didn't always come when I called her, but if I really wanted her, all I had to do is start singing and she would come running.

Dusty truly is my biggest fan.

I will always miss her and I will always love her.

Rest in peace Dusty. I love you and I will meet you at the rainbow bridge and we will cross it together.

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