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'My Black and White Friend...'

by Chrysa

In Memoriam of Panda (2000-2012)

In Memoriam of Panda (2000-2012)

Panda was our beloved family dog. She was a mixed terrier in black and white. She came to us when she was 2 months old. I was 11 years old back in year 2000 when I knew this little fella. She was my best friend and when I went to my grandparent's house, she would just jump all over me asking for treats. She had this funny wiggling tail and floppy ears.

I have to say that she was a really kind dog. She did not mind to spend her time with other two little dogs. She was just nice, and funny, and loyal. I cannot believe that it's been 11 Christmases, New Years, and birthdays that we spent together until she decided to leave us. She stayed with us when our Grandpa passed away. She was just simply amazing.

On the past two weeks she started refusing to eat. We took her to the vet back and forth. Then last Sunday the doctor told us that she had bad infection on her tummy. She was scheduled to have surgery on Tuesday evening. I took her on Tuesday morning to the vet. I just couldn't believe that it was the last time I held her in my hands, the last time I picked her up since she was so weak to walk, the last time she rode a car with me, the last time I stroked my hands over her head telling her that everything would be okay and she would come home, the last time I kissed her head telling her that I loved her, and the last time I said goodbye. She did manage to survive after the surgery. But then on Wednesday morning she decided to go to a better place.

I believe that she is happy now up there. She will feel no pain. She will have unlimited cookies and biscuits, massive park that she can play, and a lot of friends to play with. Also I believe she has met my Grandpa up there. I learnt that sometimes it is not them who depend on us, but it is us who depend on them, on their loyalty, on their companion, on their simple love, and on their wet kisses.

... Dear Panda, you are not just a dog, you are my family, my best friend, my fella, my girlfriend that I grew up with, and you are just simply AMAZING. And yes, we are so damn lucky to have you in our lives. You touch every one of us with your unlimited love, loyalty, and companion. We love you so much, my dear black and white fella. You will be missed for sure but I know you are in happier place now. We will see each other again, okay? Say hello to Grandpa for me. (:

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