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'My Boomer'

Me and Boomer at the dog park

Me and Boomer at the dog park

Boomer came to me at a time in my life when I was very sad and felt like I had no one who cared. I remember taking one look at him and knew that he was mine. He gave me a reason to go on, he gave me unconditional love--and he got that from me. He was my baby before I had my baby--I took him everywhere - He was with me when I got married, divorced, good times, and bad.

Shortly after I lost my job, Boomer got cancer. It was malignant and I took him to the vet to have the tumor removed--it cost me $2,000. My friends and family were angry that I would spend a large portion of my savings but I never thought twice about it--he lived two years after the tumor was removed.

I have had friends and family pass over that I loved very much--but have never felt such a great sense of loss that I felt and still feel about losing Boomer. He was the best friend I ever had.

It's been two years since I found him on my front porch. I remember just lying down next to him not wanting to let him go. I had him cremated and keep his ashes next to his pictures--I created a scrap book which has been very helpful in my healing process. I feel so blessed that I was able to spend so many years with Boomer. I have so many great memories. When he passed, so many people said, 'you gave him a good life' but I feel different, he saved my life, he made my life better and made me a better person.

Thank you Boom Boom--I miss you so much..

Until we see again.

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