Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Boy Taz'

by Ami K
(Glasgow UK)

My boy Taz was a black and white cat - the spitting image of Monkey.

We got him as a kitten from the SSPCA in December 2009.

I chose him over his 3 brothers because he would climb up his cage to 'speak' to me eye-to-eye. He'd fall back and start over again. I loved him from the moment I saw him.

He was timid but playful and loved playing Ninja Cat with me. He let me hold him like a baby. He would run to me whenever I came home for lunch. He'd wake me up by gently tapping my forehead with his paw. He was the best at climbing trees and would go on hunting trips. I got many a mouse or bird as a present.

It was on one of these hunting trips that I think some low-life attacked him. On Tue 8/8/12, I called him but he was nowhere to be found. At around 3.30pm, we found him under some bushes at our back garden. I knew straight away that he was dying.

We took him to the vet and she shaved his fur near his belly - he'd been shot with an air-rifle, and had peritonitis. She put him on antibiotics, painkillers, mild sedation, took x-rays, blood tests etc and sent him to hospital.

He passed away at 10.30pm, his 3rd birthday would have been 29/09/12.

I miss him so much.

Ami K

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