Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Bruno'

by Johnny B
(Rhode Island)

My pitbull puppy wasn't even 2 years old yet and he passed away January 9th 2011. It was a regular Sunday and he was perfectly fine. I was in my bed laying down and my Mom was making food. While I was laying in bed the entire morning I heard Bruno playing with my other dogs and he was FINE.

A few minutes later he came into my room and did what he usually does; rests his head on my back then hops on the bed. So he does this and he is laying in my bed. About 5 mins later he starts crying really loud and my Mom ran in the room and thought he was just dreaming. I jumped up and was trying to wake him up. He didn't look at either of us and stopped crying after 20 seconds. I felt his chest and he wasn't breathing. Looked down and he released his waste :(.

His eyes were open staring directly at the wall and I started crying. I'm crying right now writing this. We just don't know why it had to happen to him. He was fine like I said. He was doing everything he normally did everyday. Maybe if I had gotten up and he had never came into my room he would still be alive? :( I really wish he could still be here and I miss him dearly. I can still smell his scent on his toys.

Our vet thinks it was bloat or a heart attack or he ate one of his toys. She thinks it was bloat though because of the snow outside. She thinks he ate a lot of snow after eating and it turned the stomach. We had him cremated and now he is in his urn on the mantle.

I will always love you Bruno and I will always miss you. Why did you have to go?

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