Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Buddy, My Best Friend'

by Kaitlin
(Hastings, Minnesota, USA)

Today was the hardest day of my entire life. My family and I made the decision to put our family dog to sleep, fourteen year old Buddy. I got Buddy when I was ten years old and he was my best friend. He was the one I told all of my secrets to and the one who would always lend me a shoulder cry on, or make me laugh just by being his sweet self.

Right now I'm feeling extremely guilty wondering if I made the right decision, what if I gave him one more day.... even though I know he wanted to go "Home". He cried when he sat down, and couldn't get up when he tried too. He fell down all the time and started to become incontinent (on occasion) I wanted to be with Buddy when he took his last breath and I'm so glad I got to share that with him.

The Vet was all ready to go and told me to let her know when it was okay. Let me tell you, that is the hardest thing I EVER had to do. How do you tell someone your ready to let go of a family member? Somehow I got the strength and as she started the injection, Buddy looked at me and kissed my face until he slowly and peacefully went to sleep. I think he understood it was his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I'm so happy he is done suffering, but my heart aches.

Until we meet again my sweet angel :(



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