Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Buddy Snoodles...'

by Traci
(Middlesboro, Kentucky)

Snoodles was my Weiner dog and I can't even begin to explain the love I had for him in words. We adopted him on May 23, 1995 and he melted our hearts the moment we took him in our home. My husband and I have two sons and they were very young when we first adopted Snoodles. Snoodles and our youngest son were the same age.

Snoodles went through so much with me as a individual. He went through the loss of many family members, he was my warm electric blanket in bed, he went to outside concerts, picnics, the lake and got to go for several car rides to McDonalds for his favorite hamburger.

Many years passed and he went from our bed to the floor in his comfy bed. He could no longer hold his urine and I should have been merciful to put him out of his mysery years ago. But I had to wait for him to tell me. One night, the cries got longer and he shook in pain. I made the appointment and I took care of his pain.

His wonderful doctor let me hold him and he sedated Snoodles before he inserted the shot. He was comfortable and I almost saw a look of relief on his little face. Of course, my husband and I cried. I held Snoodles and thanked God for him and his little life that made mine complete.

We have him buried outside of our dining room window and his own beautiful headstone that reads "Our true friend...Snoodles. We will ever be blessed for your life." My life was so much richer because of Snoodles and I grieve to this day over him. He was 16 years old and we were blessed to have him.

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