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Where has the time gone?
by: Coral

Well my darling I've now had 2 years without you (5th Nov 2013) and it sucks. You still mean so much to me and not a day goes by that I don't think about you and the wonderful 12 years & 8 months we shared together. My heart still aches for you, I long to hold you in my arms again and feel your soft fur.

You would have been proud of us today, we went for a beautiful walk in the Cotswolds, had fun and talked about you. No tears that day, we celebrated your life and walked like I know you would have wanted us to. You enjoyed a good walk. Remember when we did 15 miles together you and I! How can one small life have such an impact on my world and the world around it. Because of you I am a better person and now help animals in any way I can. I've learned so much from you about really living and I now take in the beauty of everything around me, breath in he air and really look and feel it.

Time is fleeting but I know we will be together again one day my boy, my son. I will miss you until I am an old lady, I don't think I'll ever really get over losing you and I will love you for all time. I know you love me just as much. I am now facing my 3rd year without you and I do so with the knowledge that you are right by my side, looking after me like you did in life, every step of the way.

Love you so much, missing you like crazy. Your devoted 'Mum' Coral.

by: Vicky

Hi Coral you sent me a message about Scooby some time ago. Now I'm feeling a little stronger I'm able to read other peoples stories more. Your story about Ralph is beautiful. Of course it's made me cry but in a good way because I can feel the love you had for your beautiful boy coming through in your words. Kind regards to you ....

by: Anonymous

You are a very brave and loving dog owner. He surely appreciated that you stayed with him till the very end. I know some who turned their backs on their dying pets. Just like humans, some animals would not like to die alone. Being with him till his last breath assured him that you love him. He's an angel in heaven now. :)

Thank you
by: Coral

Thank you everyone for your kind words and for taking the time to read Ralph's story. It gives me comfort knowing that there are people out there who understand my loss and have loved an animal as much as I have. I know the pain of my loss will ease with time. Bridget I read your story, wow it is amazing, that brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes knowing our babies do stay around us and come back to visit us. It gives me peace knowing I will be with him again one day. Happy New Year 2013 to all you wonderful people on this site and to all the animal lovers out there. Coral x x

Pain of separation .
by: Rohini Singh

Dear Carol,
after reading your story, I became so emotional & cried. I can understand your emotions too because I too have faced the situation twice. Last year on 16th Dec 11 & next on 23rd Jan 12 I lost my both babies( my black male Labra 4yr. & my white sweet baby Luana 4yr.).

I can never forget how we spent our 4 and a half years. I always found my world around them. Now, you can understand how can I felt after them.

My sympathies are with you. May God bless you. Take care of you. May God give you lots of strength.

Ms.Rohini Singh.
Vrindavan, UP, INDIA.
3rd Jan 13

Happy New Year 2013
by: Mum

Well my friend, happy new year. It's the start of another year without you. You are my best friend and I know I am yours too. I promise you that this year I will try to smile and laugh more when I think of you. I also promise that I will keep up the good work I did in 2012 helping dog shelters and and animal protection organisations. I do it in your honour. Sending you all my love for this year ahead, I know you are watching over me and I hope you are proud of who I am. It's all because of you.
I miss you sweetheart, I probably will for the rest of my life. Vince misses you too. I one read that love is not species specific, love is love. How true that is. I still love you with every part of my being, it grows stronger even though you are physically no longer here.
Until we meet again, rest well.
Love you always.
Mum x x

You Blessed Ralph
by: Mario

Mum coral,

You saved Ralph from a life of abuse and neglect. He knew what his purpose was here on this earth and that was to love and be loved thanks to you. I've spoken to numerous pet owners and no matter if their pet needed to be put down of old age or other reason, the grief is excruciating. No doubt you and your husband did the right thing. I can empathize and will share only that I was responsible for my Buddy's having to be put down April 2012, much too soon. I found it helpful move forward with my grief and was a big help. There are groups in the UK too! I learned you can't measure someone's grief with another's, whether from a loss of a loved one, a pet, divorce, etc, a loss = grief. How we deal with is most helpful for our well being mentally and physically. May God Bless you and yours Happy New Year to you and yours... Mario (pet lover)

Beautiful Story
by: Bridget

What a beautiful story! I am so sorry about your Ralph. It seems he had a fabulous life with you. It's so sad that we only get to keep our wonderful animal friends for such a short time. I hope you are feeling better.

They do have souls and do go on. I didn't know this until I experienced something after my own little dog passed away last year. Look in the Rainbow Bridge stories about my dog Nicki. It is a true story and goes to show that all of our pets go on. I was just fortunate enough to have the experience I did.

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