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'My Cat Chewie was Killed by my Neighbor's Visiting "Grand" Dog'

by Jane
(Clear Lake City, Texas)

My next door neighbors have 2 dogs, labradors. Their successful engineer Daughter has adopted a boxer/pit bull mix. The Daughter and her fiance travel a lot, so the dog Sasha often resides next door, in spite of the fact that they could kennel her. I realize that it is an opportunity to socialize and exercise her, but why did they get her in the first place if they were not going to be able to take care of her?

She is energetic, aggressive, and noisy and instigates the younger lab to dig out and act out. She knaws the older dog's ears. She bites. She snarls. She thinks she's playing, I guess. They are all noisy and obnoxious, but it has escalated into killing. This weekend the neighbors once again had the 3rd animal and as usual, the dogs broke out several times. The whole family was out of town, so the dogs were being cared for by friends.

Apparently, they came by and let the dogs out at 7 am this morning. They must've broken out AGAIN, came over to my yard and attacked and killed my cat Chewie in his driveway. I never heard a thing. When he did not respond to the breakfast call (he absolutely loves the outdoors and insists on staying out in the evening, coming home and sleeping during the day), I looked out to find that he was lifeless on my driveway. His neck was broken, he had slipped out of his collar during the attack, his legs were broken, and the slobber had covered his poor little body. The 2 100-lb dogs had packed and attacked him.

Apparently he got a swipe in because Sasha had marks on her face, but a 12-lb, 13-year old kitty is no match for a killer and her accessory. I am angry that this happened even though I realize that animal instincts are natural. The fence should have been secured, or the caretakers should not have allowed them out, knowing they were breaking out, but mostly, the dog never needed to be there. My pet is dead, an innocent victim who never initiated any aggressive behavior. Chewie did not deserve this.

These are my good friends, but I am brokenhearted that they would be so irresponsible and negligent. Not right. Of course they are sorry, but at the time this is not enough. They are saying they will fix the fence, finally, and how sorry they are. I know that, and I have tried to relieve their guilt and forgive them, but I can't tonight. I am brokenhearted. Scars and scratches heal. Death is forever and it could've been prevented. This was his territory for 13 years, he never hurt a soul. I can't talk to my friends right now.

Rest in peace Chewie, you were a wonderful friend and I will always love you. You did not deserve this.

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