Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Cat Nettie'

by Julianna Tiner
(Blackshear, Georgia)

Well the story starts off like this... I found this skinny black cat, whom had just had a litter of kittens by my shed. She was afraid of me so of course I took the kittens and found them all loving homes. I really wasn't a cat person. A few months passed and I saw the skinny black female cat again, and same thing she had brought me more kittens. Once again I placed them in loving homes.

That was it "no more kitten", and I set a trap with food and caught her. I took her to the vet, we had her spayed and I named her Nettie. After a couple of days I brought her home, and let her out. Honeslty I was afraid she would never come back, but I was glad that I didn't have to worry about any more kittens!!! Guess what? She came back that night for food and she never left my house for years to come.

Nettie weighted 9 pounds when I rescused her & when she rescued me she was averaging a whopping 29 pounds. She brought such joy to my life & the day came when I had to put her down.... I'll never forget her & pray that we can be reunited in Heaven some day. Nettie was a blessing in my life & I know I was in her life too.

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