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'My Chihuahua Killed By A Pitbull...'

by Vanessa Madrigal
(Fort Worth, Texas)

A collage I made of us {:

A collage I made of us {:

Hi, my name is Vanessa. Well my Chihuahua died yesterday. This is how it all went. I came back from school and I called him like usual cause he always jumped on me when I got home. I got no respond, so I thought well maybe he's in the backyard? I checked. Nothing. My mom was asleep and so was my brother. I kept waking up my mom I told her "Where's Nico (his name)? She told me, "He's in the backyard?" I told her "No, he's not there I checked already".

We both went to the front yard and looked for him. Screamed his name "NICO! COME! NICO! So, we asked our neighbor if he had seen. He said that our Chihuahua was playing with his Maltese a while ago. Then we looked more and asked our neighbor if he'd seen our dog? And he told us everything he said "Sorry, I didn't wanna say it but I have to. My Pitbull's killed your Chihuahua. I found him in the Pitbull's cage dead."

I was so mad and sad knowing that he was dead but even more sad because they had killed him. I was crying the whole day yesterday and some today. He's been my companion for 4 years it was gonna be 5 years on October. And all of a sudden he's gone. But the best thing to get over your dog is to remember the happy times y'all had together, memories, look back at pictures of your dog.

But you can never get over your dog because you become attached and it's part of your family. You should buy or get a new dog it will make you remember of your old dog and give you more joy.

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