Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Chinniminni'

by Anonymous
(New South Wales )

I was having a normal day that day, the complete usual. As I was about to get tutored, someone rang my doorbell. I went to the door to answer the doorbell and see this woman emotional holding a cat. She's like I think this is your cat with tears in her eyes. For a second, I thought this was not my cat so she left. But then as I thought it through, I realised this was one of mine, my Chinniminni. I rushed down the drive way with my sibling with my hands shaking, and said this was my cat.

I was too scared to hold my cats body as I had never experienced a loss of anyone in my family ever just until that day. My cat was my family, in fact my love. My sibling held her. I went back to tutoring I couldn't stop the tears streaming down my face. Just those thoughts, I wish I could have loved her better. I wish I could've done this that, these thoughts were running down my mind. I couldn't stop thinking just about her, about my Chinniminni.

As time passed by, my other cats realised that Chinniminni was no where to be found. I tried to comfort each of my cats, but each of them were too emotional themselves so they walked away from me. At night I could hear my cats groaning in order words moaning.

Chinniminni was a twin. The following week after, Chinniminni's other twin had a car accident. On my neighbours grass I saw a small body laying not happening to know it was one of my cats. Chinniminni's sibling named Chinniminni as well was covered in blood and a cut.

The twins are now together in heaven with God.

Rest In Peace my Jaans! Mwahhhhhhhhh

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