Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Darling, Lola'

by Tayler
(United States of America)

Today, the fourth of August, I lost a truly magnificent friend. My darling, Lola.

Lola was my amazing, three and a half year old Chihuahua. She made my days sunny and bright. Not even a day went by where she wasn’t there for me. I loved her tremendously, and she loved me back. She always made me feel so happy and high-spirited. And her sassy, outgoing attitude helped me become more sociable.

Yesterday, I had just gotten back from a vacation and picked her up at my neighbor’s house, who had watched her. I was so glad to see her, because I had missed her greatly. It was so great just to cuddle and play with her.

Today, around one thirty in the afternoon, I was walking Lola to her nail trimming appointment with a friend. We were crossing a busy intersection, and Lola managed to escape from her leash. She ran in the busy highway, and in seconds was hit by a car. Even worse, the car just kept going… s(he) didn’t even manage to stop and even apologize. I was so distracted looking at my dead dog, I couldn’t remember what the car looked like.

The hard part came as I ran in the street and picked up her soft, petite body covered in blood. It was heartbreaking watching her die on the sidewalk. I could hardly breathe; I was watching my beloved friend head towards the Rainbow Bridge. So quickly, she was gone. A friendly woman helped me out as she sent prayers and called my Mom. One friendly man even put her in a bag for me. I was very blessed to have all the help I had received.

One main thing Lola has taught me is to live life to the fullest! She showed me that in just a matter of seconds, so much can change. So live everyday like it’s your last! I’m going to try my hardest to be strong and happy, because I know that’s what Lola would want me to do.

As of now, Lola is being cremated. I wish her a great time at the Rainbow Bridge. I do hope I will see her someday, where we both will be free from suffering. I will always remember her fun, loving personality. She was loyal, trustworthy, and entertaining… I don’t know if I will ever meet another animal as incredible as her.

There will always be a place for you in my heart, Lola. Mommy loves you and always will.

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