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'My Darling Yorkie Passed Away and On The Way Home I Suffered a Heart Attack'

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by: Susan

Dear Joan,

Thankyou for the comforting message about Tish.

I am so sorry for your loss also. It is a comfort to know that there are other pet parents out there who cherish their pets the way I do.

I'm sure Heidi knew how much you loved her because it comes through so strongly in your writing. I hope you are recovering well from your heart attack. It almost seems as if your heart actually "broke" the day Heidi passed. I have felt at times too that my heart is in pieces.

Take care and god bless you all

Thank You Heidi - my Guardian Angel
by: Joan (Author of above)

Dear Heidi:

How I miss you. How I love you. I feel like my "safety net" has been taken from me. Even though you know we have a peaceful and loving home, I felt nothing could go wrong if you were sitting on my lap with me petting you. I guess you saw what happened this week. For the first time, your companion, Brandy, got sick - had blood in her urine - which was a first for me to see anything like that. I was so scared after making an appointment with the vet that maybe he/she would tell me she wasn't going to make it. I don't know if I could have taken that, so soon after your leaving me. Dad and I took her but Thank God, it wasn't serious and she is doing well (except our new baby Yorkie, Lexi, is driving her crazy). I try to protect Brandy so that she can have her "quiet time" but that 2 lb. Lexi is a little devil and loves to jump on her.

You and Brandy were the perfect little companions - this little Lexi loves to explore everything. The good thing about that is she keeps me busy and chases away some of my sadness in missing you. I know you hear me talking to you every day Heidi but oh how I miss your comfortable and familiar love and protection. I have had one dream of you but it was too quick - please come back and this time look at me so I can see your beautiful face again. I love you my darling.

Love, Mommy.

Dear Joan
by: Barb

I am so so sorry for ur loss. I know how u feel.. The heartache never goes away.. Ur r lucky to have her hair because a few days b4 Pebbles died I brushed her and not knowing she was going to die I threw the hair away God how I wish I had kept it. I look all over my house and can't find any of her hair. I sleep with her blanket by my head.. Just think R babies r together playing and waiting for us... My prayers r with u. I bet r tears will meet one day.. There r no words that can explain the hurt we feel once we lost a family member furry or not.. One day we will meet when we r reunited with r pets.

All my love,


Dear Joan
by: diane

Dear Joan,

I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my Odie last month, I had him for 16 years, to put him to sleep was the hardest thing I have ever done.

My prayers are with you, I bet your little Heidi and my Odie are in heaven playing with all the other dogs and puppies that have crossed the rainbow bridge, like you, I take comfort knowing someday I will see him again.

I can tell your love for Heidi was so strong, and I know she knew how much you loved her. I don't know if this is much comfort, but sometimes I go outside, and look into the heavens, there is this bright star, I think of Odie, and all the other animals in heaven with our Heavenly Father, and I think that they are all with God, watching over us, and waiting till the day when all of us will be re-united and we will run and play together, I think God is taking care of our beloved pets for us till we join them someday, my prayers are with you, and your darling little Heidi, and I pray you are feeling better as well, God bless you.



Darling little Heidi
by: Diana

Dear Joan

I cried reading your story. What an ordeal you have been through, first your loss of Heidi and then to suffer a heart attack. It really is true that our emotions can affect our physical health. I am so sorry for your loss. If it helps in any way, everyone on this site has been through the loss of a beloved pet, and we all know exactly how you are feeling. The grief can be so intense, sometimes we just don't feel like we can go on without our best friends. And the guilt we feel is even worse. I know it doesn't help for me to tell you that there is nothing you should feel guilty about. We don't have a crystal ball to see the future and there is no way you could have known that day would be Heidi's last day. I can see by your story that you work. Heidi could have gone suddenly while you were at work but you both had the blessing of being together at the end, and that is the important thing to focus on. She was not alone, and she knew she was so loved every day of her life.

Your love for Heidi makes you strong. You were strong enough and loved her enough to let her go so that she wouldn't suffer. Even though we want to keep them to be with us, the time comes when we have to act for them. And you did that for her. I know how you felt, holding her on the drive home. It's a heartbreaking journey. We also brought our dog Leya home with us after we had to make the decision to euthanize her. She was my beautiful 12 year old doberman. When a dog is so perfect and precious to us as Leya was and your Heidi was and we form such a bond with them, it is the most difficult thing when we lose them. But if we focus on their life, on all the good things we did with them and the everyday joy of being with them, instead of the loss, you will realize that you gave Heidi the best life ever. So many dogs go through their lives never knowing the kind of love you gave her. She was very lucky to have you and I know she gave so much joy to you over the years too.

I lost Leya in August of this year (2010) and I still cry at work too. It will take time to accept what has happened. If you read other stories on this site, it's odd but I think it helps you when you realize you aren't alone, that so many people go through the same grief and emotions when they lose their pet. Please take care of yourself Joan, Heidi would want that. I'm sure she is watching over you.

Keeping you and Heidi in my thoughts....


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