Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Dear Maggie'

by Amy S.

My Dearest Maggie,

You came into my life at the perfect time. It was spring, and I remember responding to an ad in the paper for Cockapoos, and they told us to come soon, only 3 puppies were left. I walked in, and there you were, black with white feet, the cutest puppy I'd ever seen, in a playpen with your brothers. You immediately looked at me, and came to me - I scooped you up in my arms, it was love at first sight.

From that day on, we were together - everyday for 10 years, I was greeted with that beautiful bark, your wagging tail, and your beautiful brown eyes. Your favorite toys were stuffed animals that you played with until the squeakers broke...I was greeted many times by "stuffing" all over the floor - it always amused me. You asked nothing more of me that to love you, take you on walks to the park, and never to forget your cookie before I left for work.

Everyone loved you, Mags. I had so many people volunteer to doggie sit when I went out of town, you brought such joy to everyone. A trip up to grandma & grandpa's house in the country was another favorite activity - and we always made sure to stop at McDonald's on the way and share an order of fries. After 5 years of just being the two of us, we moved in with your "dad" - you bonded instantly, and he, too, grew to love you more than anything.

You were his "park buddy". He also started your favorite "Sunday Supper" tradition... how exciting it was when he started washing the bowls and making your dinner - you literally would dance around the kitchen in anticipation. It always made us laugh to see your excitement! Let's see, how can I write about you without mentioning your love of chasing squirrels - who will keep them out of our yard, now that you're gone? How can I ever express the joy & comfort you brought to our lives everday? How will I ever get over this sense of loss and grief?

You began your journey last fall - we thought maybe you just had a cold or allergies. After many trips to the vet (which you were always so good for) it was finally discovered that you had cancer. I will never forget what a rockstar you have been through it all....right until the end - you were so very tired, and yet, still had a tail wag for us. I could see in your eyes, it was time to let you go - you were suffering, and I had promised you long ago, I would never let you suffer. So, with heavy hearts, we said goodbye. It was so peaceful, Maggie, and we never left your side.

As I sit here, now, without you at my feet, I'm trying to recall all the happy days we spent together and can only hope that you had a safe journey to Rainbow Bridge, as I know all good dogs go there. You are free from your pain, but mine has just begun. You were a treasure to us, Maggie, and we'll never, ever forget you.

Sleep well, my faithful friend. You will be in our hearts, always!


Your Mom

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