Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Dear Molly'

by Patty

There she was, just lurking outside the broken window pane staring into my eyes for the first time. I had no idea that one day she would eventually be mine for such a short time. Life is unfair and most importantly more so for animals since they depend on us HUMANS, that at time take their lives without knowing.

I slowly, but surely had coaxed her wild side into my space by giving her attention and little treats. See, Molly was abandoned by her mother and she was just a tiny kitten from the begining. She slowly started to trust me. She would enter my basement window where I would feed her and let her sleep on my workbench several times thru the day. But, she eventually went back to her safe place at the neighbors broken window in their cellar.

Once she trusted me, I introduced MOLLY to Cassey. CASSEY is our dog, a beautiful blue eyed HUSKY. He would play with her in such a gentle manner it was fascinating to watch. Then, MOLLY started to spend more and more time in the basement. Eventually she would cuddle up with CASSEY in his bed... and they would even eat from the same dish!

I had accepted MOLLY into our Family. CASSEY had a buddy to play with and eat with and to even protect. MOLLY and CASEY became best of friends. Though MOLLY didn't always behave herself, she would at times play with MOM, (KIM) and sit on her dirty laundry or jump on to her iron board, but we knew MOLLY was always teasing MOM.

It was a great life for the time we knew MOLLY, and I know now she will always be safe and protected in the RAINBOW BRIDGE gates, but it saddens for me to know that I knew MOLLY too and that my sister was with her to the end.

May you be at peace MOLLY we will miss you forever!

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