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'My Dog's Life'

My dog's Story.
6 months ago my dog died. Missy. I had her since I was really little. I have loved her so much, I still do. She loved to go camping and be with us. I regret walking not walking her as much as I should of. She started to get bad hips and one morning she couldn't get up. Her leg swelled and she couldn't walk. The vet didn’t know what was wrong. She got to come home.

That week we were going camping. Missy’s leg went down from the size of my arm to semi normal. We took her camping one last time. Though we didn't now that at the time. She was miserable. We carried her everywhere we were. We went on a hike and left her. I thought for sure she would of passed before we got back. We all did. She wasn’t where she was when we got back. But in the shade. She had walked! But, that was the last time.

She had this pain medication. It caused her to have bad dreams and bad daydreams too. She had given up. I prayed and prayed. Every day she lived was another miracle. I stayed and talked to her. Telling it was ok if she needed to give up. I loved her and I Would never forget her.

We went home and she was still alive. Then things got bad. I laid with her on her bed in the living room. I was ready for her death. It was inevitable. We carried her to my Mom's room. I slept in her bed that night. When I woke up she had passed. I said good bye one last time to by best friend. We took her to get cremated. We are planning on spreading her ashes in her favorite place to camp this Summer.

Miss, your memory lives on in our hearts we love you. I still think about you daily.

Missy October ? - October 23, 2011 about 4:00 am

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