Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Ferret Baby'

We used to rescue ferrets, we can't anymore because of the extreme problems that they develop. At one time, we had 10 ferrets. We decided to let them live out their lives in happiness and not adopt anymore.

When we were down to 3, we came home after work (we worked at the same place and came home at the same time). Our oldest male ferret immediately (as if he was waiting for us) began screaming. I have NEVER heard a sound as haunting or as hurtful (because I couldn't help him) as that sound in my life.

As we drove to the after hours emergency clinic, he was screaming the entire way. I will never forget those screams. I had my hazard lights on, and was speeding, but we didn't get there in time....

How do I get those sounds out of my head??

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