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'My First Christmas Without You... My Sweet Little Buddy'

by Dayle

Ollie... last Christmas

Ollie... last Christmas

Dear Ollie,

Little Buddy... I think of you every single day. I never thought I could cry so many tears. I dreamed last night that you were at the vets. I was running late.... in my car... trying to get to you. I awoke.. realizing you were gone.

Baby boy... I miss you so much. Your soft little head... sweet kisses... sharing treats at night together on the couch. Christmas is so fast approaching and I just want it to be gone. I want nothing but to be with you for one last time. I think of last year... dressing you in your little Santa outfit and putting you on Facebook to say Merry Christmas to all. You looked so happy and so cute.

I never would have guessed it would be our last Christmas together. There was no joy in putting up the tree.... no joy in shopping... it was all motions I had to go through. I was straightening out the closet... and found all of your little coats and jackets... and I held them.. .crying my heart out.

I miss you so much sweetheart. Some days I feel like I just cannot go on without you. I keep trying to believe that somehow you are still here with me. I call your name... I talk to you... just in case you are here and I cannot see you. The puppies... they are fun... they keep me going... but they aren't my little buddy.

Wendy is so fresh... I am constantly telling her "no!"... and Ziggy.. he is a good boy... a lot like you. Wendy's kisses remind me of you. I know that all animals that God has created... they are all beautiful souls. I can see it in the puppies.. .how much all of you are alike in giving love... and joy.

Sweetheart... for Christmas... could you somehow let me know that you ARE here? That would be the best gift I could ever receive. Just to know your spirit is here. I love you angel baby.... we are soul mates... and we will be together again.... when it is time. Wait for me... but have fun... run free... my love.... smile your beautiful smile.... I will be there.... when it is time....

Love you forever and ever.... Mommy

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