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by: Anonymous

The pain is horrible to lose a pet that offered us years of unconditional love. When we are confronted with euthanizing our pets, I think we all question the timing of it and if it is right. I saw my beagle through a few rounds of chemo for lymphoma. I know the timing was right, as we had exhausted all forms of chemo and nothing was working any longer. It does get easier with time, but the hole is there and we grasp for the beautiful memories we had with our beloved pets to hold onto their memory. I NEVER prayed so much in my life as I did in that time after his passing...and I believe God held me in his arms and pulled me through. I think of my Shiloh almost every day...and I know he is in heaven. Til then I prod upon this earth trying to live my life the best and kindest way possible in hopes of one day reuniting with my beloved Shiloh.

Be strong....pray often...and know your pain will lessen. But know you are not alone...and yes it is okay and normal to have the strong pain of grief, after all our little "furry companions" gave us so much love and for some, for many years. Reach out to friends who know what it is like to lose pets (like on here)...but we all have to work through our grief. You will move to a time of acceptance (for me that came after I worked through the "where did my pet go and will I see him again" phase). There are many books that are out there to read on that (and I caution you they are from both sides...but I read and prayed and through faith and trust in God believe they go back to God). Through my dogs passing I gained a stronger relationship with to me in passing my "friend" gave me one of the greatest gifts ever to get me through.

I hope this helps.

May God Bless You and pull you through your pain too.


Your little baby
by: jean

I know how you feel even after so many of my pet rats passed on it feels like my heart has been ripped out, I couldnt bring myself to get them cremated, so I have them each in a lovely pot with a plant in it in a special room there I weep for them all most everyday, I feel for the loss of your little baby, god give you both peace, love Jean.x

So sorry for you
by: Anonymous

I know what you mean...I had to put my long time friend of nearly 15 yrs down. Hardest thing I have ever done..that was last Oct. and each time I think of him I still cry. I too was amazed at how grief stricken I was as well. Even after all this time.. it is still so hard for me. I was so sick afterwards... time does heal a bit... my chow chow.... was a sweetheart... his last year was a lot of suffering for everyone.. watching him struggle with alzheimers.. blindness... deafness... terrible arthritis.. at the end.. kidney problems.. his last week.. was a lot of moaning... howling... I knew it was too much... after he was gone.. I realized how much pain had been in this house from him for so long.. the worry of him.. the heartbreak of makiing such a final decision for him.. after he was gone.. there was no more moans everytime he moved about... I didn't have to check on him to make sure he was still breathing so many times a day.. I was lost.... if I try real hard.. I still can remember the sound of his moans... my choice was based on loving him enough to let him go... even tho I always was against euthanization.. I always felt it wasn't my choice to make.. but, there comes a time... when .... you sacrifice whatever it may be to end one's suffering that you care about.... this will likely be the hardest the next few days/weeks for you... until you find a way to convince yourself.. you did what was best... and know that you loved your friend enough to end her pain. You are not alone in your grief.... it doesn't matter if anyone else thinks your reaction is too much for a pet... it is there.. and is what it is... we can't help how much we love something.... I feel for you thru this time.... cause I know how it can turn your life as it seems upside down for some time.... I was in a fog for days... nothing seemed the same... the fog will lift... and you will see the sun rise over where your friend is.. and enjoy early morning times by her side when it's quiet and just the two of you.. and you will feel a peace again :)

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