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'My Girl Sharna' :)

by Maddi

The story of Sharna, True story....

One day close to my 6th birthday my Dad was on his way home in his truck when he saw a sign that read "cute cavies 4 $ale", he remembered how lonely I had been lately and thought "well, why not?"

Dad followed the signs to the man's house and knocked on the big wooden door. A big, bulky man answered the door and said "I'm gon' guess you want to see the guinea pigs for sale?" with a hill-billy accent. My Dad replied with "yeah mate, that'd be great". The bulky man said "well, just follow me then".

He led my Dad past his gym room and into the lounge. The man politely ordered "just stay here and I'll bring out the box". My Dad nodded, sat down and looked around the room for a while. The man came out with a light brown box of baby guinea pigs. "I suggest the short brown hairs for beginners but it is really up to you" the man suggested.

Dad thanked the buff man as he peered into the box. Dad put his hand in the box. All the guinea pigs scampered into the corner of the box except for the little white albino that pulled herself into my Dad's hand. My Dad smiled and said "I would like this one please, sir." The man looked at the pup and said to my dad "Um.. ha ok, but you know that is the runt right?" My Dad said "yeah" and looked down at the guinea pig who was staring right back at Dad. The man said "just let me get a box." My Dad said "nah, it's ok. I have a shoe box in my truck." The man said "well, okay. Uh, you have a discount on the pup coz she is the runt. That'll be $4.50" and he smiled at my Dad. My Dad gave him $10 and said "keep the change, I gotta get home." The man smiled again and said with a peak in his voice "thanks, enjoy." And so we did.

Dad came home with a shoe box in 1 hand and a pack of ciggies in the other. He yelled out "Maddi, come here please." I had no idea what trouble I had gotten myself into when he called me. I looked up at him and he passed me the shoe box. "Oh, not another pair of shoes please" I said sounding annoyed. Dad said "just look inside, baby." I opened the lid and there was a cute little white guinea pig pup. A massive smile swept across my little face, a smile I had never had before. A smile of happiness, of joy, of love, a smile of a lifetime!

I picked up the guinea pig so gently and dropped the box. I sat down on the ground and petted the albino guinea pig. I smiled at Dad who was now sitting at the table next to Mum looking at me and said "thank you so so so so so so much." My Dad said "no problem" and smiled back at me. I kept her in that box for a few days while my Dad built a cage for her. I hadn't named her yet and thought the name Sharna was perfect. So from then on "Sharna" I would call out every afternoon when I got home and I would be greeted by a little squeak.

A few months later I was doing the usual feed and water and cage move plus play with. I was petting her and I tickled behind her ear and felt a bump. I checked behind her ear and there was a green thing on her. I sat her on the chair and raced out to Dad. I said " DAD DAD!! There's a green bump behind Sharna's ear!!!" Dad and I raced over to her and he checked her ear. "It's a tick, sunshine." I had heard lots of bad stories about ticks killing animals. Tears started to form in my eyes but I had to show Sharna that I was a tough cookie. Dad said "It's okay, she's gonna be fine, baby." So I didn't worry as much. Dad got the tick off of her in like 25 seconds. I was totally amazed.

After a 5 more years we had to move to Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. It was going to be a massive change. From a small town with a population of around 600 with 2 shops, 1 school and 1 pub/beer shop to a population of around 6,000, lots of schools, pubs all round, and beaches almost everywhere you go. I was fine with moving but there was only 1 reason why I didn't want to move, and that was because I wasn't allowed to bring Sharna with us to our new house.

That night I cried myself to sleep. I was going to lose my baby, my best friend, my EVERYTHING!!! I tried to convince my parents why to bring Sharna to Queensland with us but they just thought of the negatives and why it would be so hard for us to do that. I Said one last goodbye to my baby and then gave her to my 2nd best friend Miki. I had made a very bad decision with giving her to Miki.

A year passed and so did my Aunty. We had to go back to NSW for her funeral. While we were there I got to go to Miki's house to see my baby Sharna. I asked "where may I find my baby?" Miki said "oh boy, I haven't seen her in a few days ha." I was all like "oh gosh, what has gone wrong now.." We went out to the back where I saw Sharna on her side flat. I was mind facked. I picked up her helpless body.. It brang back sooo many memories. Good and Bad. She was half the size she was when I had her. Why wouldn't she have fed my poor baby.

I have a feeling that Miki's family was suffering some financial issues but they could've at least moved her cage so that she had fresh grass and they could've filled her bowl with some water. I mean like this is gonna be changed into 2 funerals!! Now I wasn't just a state from her but now I am a world away from her. :( I was the saddest anyone could imagine someone.

One more year has passed, now I have 2 more guinea pigs Ninja and Cupcake, 2 budgies that I saw mating the other day Buddy and Bubbles and a few fish and a yabby. We are moving soon to a place where I am allowed animals and plan on getting a Dog named Tacos. I would be devastated if I lost any of these animals... thank you for reading :D

m.fardell x

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