Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Girly Girl'

by Eileen Sippel
(Toms River, New Jersey)

I lost my Snowball Maria on Thursday. Mast cell cancer wore her down, I knew it was time. But it was still the most devastating thing I have ever lived through.

She was my best friend, my family. My kids loved her, but she and I had a special bond. Her loyalty to me had no bounds. Where I was, she was. We walked though the woods for years until she became too ill. She loved to go on car rides, sitting up front like she was driving. When the new grandbaby came along, she protected her as well, letting her climb on her, used her to learn to walk. And she was patient, oh so patiently waiting for us to come home.

She was a pit bull. A dog I didn't want, I didn't even want a dog-yet my daughter had rescued her from a death scheduled for the next morning. I agreed to take her for one night. Eleven years later, I lost my best friend.

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