Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Hero'

by Stacy

Most of my adult life I was an extremely violent relationship, but finally in 2007 I got the strength to get break free of the violence. I knew that I had a hard road ahead and went to talk to a therapist, and after speaking with her a few times we came to the conclusion that maybe me getting a dog would be the perfect therapy for me.

"Chase-a-Roo" was born on December 31, 2008 at 10:50p.m., I was there when he was born, fell instantly in love with him! His Dad was a Border Collie/Shelty mix, and his Mom is a Beagle/Mini-Pin mix, the cutest pups I'd ever seen!

"Roo" as I called him, saved my life, he was there through the seizures I now have due to the violence, he was there to show me hope when I wanted to put an end to my life and the nightmares that came with it, he helped me learn to live by myself, and to sleep by myself instead of on the couch. He was my companion,best friend, my hero!

Then right after his birthday this year, on January 15th 2011, "Roo" was in the yard and somebody came to visit and left the gate open, they realized they did so and went back out to close it, not realizing they were locking my boy on the other side of the gate. Unfortunately "Roo" didn't see that well, so when I tried to take him for a walk he would act as if he was going into shock, and he was comfy in his own yard so I never forced the issue, also I always took special care because I live in Colorado right up against Red Rock Canyon so there was a lot of wildlife.

Needless to say when I found out what had happened I ran outside called a few friends and began to frantically look for my dog. He came missing at 8:30p.m, and after looking for him in the freezing cold for hours I decided to run home and get a jacket and maybe see if he was there. When I got inside and started to put my jacket on I heard this terrible sound, the sound of my dog screaming... in pain, it was the most awful thing I had ever heard!

I dropped my coat and started running towards the sound all while screaming his name in hopes he would hear me. When I got up to the corner the sounds grew louder, then just stopped, I dropped to my knees, throwing up and balling, looking up to see my "Roo" being dragged away by some wild animal.

I can't get the sound of my best friend, my hero, being tore apart. I have since moved out of my home, have quit college, and have not been able to stop crying or sleep since it happened. I am lost without him. The thought of the best thing that ever happened to me being tore apart and eaten makes me wanna die. I don't know what to do, I just want it to go away...

I just want my dog back. I wear the collar I gave him when he was first born on my wrist and carry his toy in my pocket. Not handling him being gone at all, I don't know how, and don't know if I want to accept him being gone.........

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