Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Kitten Izzy'

by Kayla

I saw some kittens at a friends house and their Mom said I could have one. So when I went to my Mom's house I asked, she said sure but the kittens where still too young but we got her a few weeks later. When I went to my Mom's house everybody loved her but my Mom.

Once when I was sleeping she was rubbing all over my face. The last thing I said to her was 'You're not allowed outside' and I threw her down but then I thought what if this was the last thing I ever said to her? So I picked her up and said 'I love you' and said 'bye Izzy.'

On the way to my Dad's Stephine wanted to get rid of her I was so mad. Then a few weeks later my Mom called and said Izzy died, I didn't believe her.

I was so mad that weekend when I was there I couldn't stop crying. When I saw her dead in the garbage I was really mad that they threw her away like garbage and I regret not burying her. Noone loved her like I did.

I still cry sometimes thinking of her like when she took somebody's hamburger and ran off, watching Twilight playing with her. I still wish she would come back to life but she is in a better place with her sis who we think was killed in a car accident. She was only 5 months and I will never forget her, but know she can chase everything that moves and jump anywhere, she is in a better place.

Until we meet again Izzy, I will never forget.

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