Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Leo'

by Karen Begovich
(Waterford, MI)

I had Leo my cat for 10 years and last week we had to euthanize him because of some complications of his heart disease. He started off with a heart murmur that escalated into a grade/3 that needed heart medication, blood work, and echo cardiograms. Mostly trips to the cardiologist that he didn't like very much. He had bouts of not eating, and losing weight for the last 6 months. He ate, but didn't eat like he once did and the toll of the heart disease was showing.

Yet, he remained a friendly, sweet, cat that loved me dearly. I never had a cat like this one, and never will. He was always near me. He followed me around the house, and he would "kiss me". It has been a week since he had a blood clot and we decided he had enough. It was time to let him go. I've made these decisions before for other pets, but it is never one you want to make.

So, Leo, I know you are free of pain and the worry of going to that stupid vet's office. That makes me feel a bit better. Except now I am missing you. I have always said it is worse afterwards, and I still believe it feels so lonely now. I look for you in the house, I still see you laying on the bed or on the porch. I can still feel you laying next to me, and being silly with your plastic balls that you loved to chase and bring back to me.

When I look out at your grave near the other pets, I know you are gone. You aren't coming back but you were here, and you were loved. That is what comforts me. You were brave until the end and you were a good friend. Plus, you loved me. I was a lucky person to have found you in my life for 10 years. Some people never have that kind of loving relationship with a pet. I love you, Leo and I will miss you until we meet again.

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