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by: Theresa

Dear Shannon,

I cried again when I read your entry for your lovely boy.

Laying there with him in your arms when his body and soul left this earth was the greatest gift you could ever give to him and his final kiss was his to you.

I so hope they are there waiting for us as I have lost so many and as I get older the pain gets worse.Tobie reminds me of my lovely wolfie who I am so blessed to have with me now but I know having someone else to love does ease the pain and you seem to have enough love for all the Tobies' in the universe.

Tobie would want you to love again and save another poor soul from the cruelty of mankind,people like you were born to love and save the Tobies' of this world.

Again I am so so sorry and I truly feel your pain

With Love and Understanding...


For you Tobie...
by: Shannon Hogan

Aloha wau ia 'oe
Ha'o wau ia 'oe

You will know what that means since you are my Ohana and the best thing I ever took from Hawaii.

Every day, just another.....
by: Shannon Hogan

Today, I cleaned out the place where for month after month I kept Tobie's couch. It was his bed his lounge chair and just plain his. My heart is heavy and will always be that way. I couldn't bring myself to update this page until now. I had my best buddy cremated and placed in my house, so that each and every day I could be near him.

The day he was put to sleep, I cried like I have not cried before. When the Veterinarian gave him the initial injection I could barely keep it together. He began looking around and I knew he was looking for me. The vision in his eyes blurred as the Doc explained, and he began whimpering. He stopped when I dropped to the floor holding his head against mine telling him I was sorry and whispering to him how much he changed my life.

The last kiss I got from him was one I will never forget. It is as if he knew and though he could not see he and I and were eye to eye. He gave me the last kiss as I held him. The euthanasia began and he laid on his side. I held him tighter until my arms quivered hoping he could feel how much I loved him. His last breathes came, and I lost it. My twin brother, on the floor with me, in tears as much as I wrapped around both of us. My best friend was dead. I have not stopped hurting since.

The day my newborn son was born, I fought the hurt and enjoyed the miracle he is. Tobie always watched over my wife when she was pregnant and hardly left her side. Now, I pray that he never leaves my son, Liam's side. The office where I work has the picture and frame my wife and girls gave me as a gift. Inside it shows Tobie sitting in front of me. He wore it all day and would not let anyone take it off. Next to him is the picture of my son a few days after he is born. I inserted the picture of Liam and Tobie's face almost looks as if he is looking at him and smiling. It gives me peace to see them both together. He never made it to see him born, and it pains me to no end.

This was the first Christmas without my best buddy and I can honestly say, I did not enjoy it. Tobie was always a Hogan, no matter what and he will always be a Hogan. He is, was and always will be the best friend I have ever known and I hope to God, he is the first thing I see when it is my time to go.

Thanks for all the nice words to those who wrote them. I apologize I never wrote anything back, but I read them all. I thought it would be easier after all this time to write about my best friend, but it hasn't been any easier. I will see you again one day, Tobie. Until then, keep an eye on the girls, Momma and my son, Liam. He would have loved you from the moment you smelled him and I know you would have loved him, and protected him as you did the family. Sleep now bestest buddy. Sleep and before you know it; we WILL be together again. This time, for all of time.

Shannon Hogan
Hogan-Kuntz Hosting
God rest your soul;
Tobius Meredius Maximus Hogan

by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

What a wonderful story. I am so glad, you and Tobias found each other when you walked into his life. Many blissful years together is right - wow.

Margaret & Spike - here at Pet Loss too.


A very special dog
by: Rebecca

I am so very sorry for your loss of Tobius. My heart goes out to you and your family. Tobius was a very special dog with a deep love for his daddy. Your story brought tears to my eyes because it hit real close to home for me. May you forever keep Toby's sweet memories alive in your heart. My prayers are with you at this sad time.

Love & Kisses
Rebecca & Whisk

What a beautiful tribute for 2 men
by: Theresa

I sat and sobbed as I read your wonderful last tribute to your wonderful, beautiful boy.

I just felt that everything you were saying to your Tobias that he must have felt the same for you a million times over, such a loving and devoted dad, that adored his best friend.

You are in my thoughts and my heart goes out to you, Tobias will be with you always and he knows that... forever

Theresa x

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