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Sorry for your loss
by: Debbie

I am so sorry. I understand this hard decision and your feelings of betrayal. I put my beloved Roco down on Mon, and feel as you do that I betrayed him. Roco's body was failing him he struggled to walk... but his mind was in tact, it was the hardest thing I have ever done and my grief is overwhelming.

I feel for you
by: Rose

Hi Yvonne,
I so feel for you as I to have lost my soulmate my 10 Year old boxer dog Tigger, he too had an enlarged heart and the vet kept him going for twelve months on heart medication.

I have had Tiggers ashes back which I keep in the bedroom on my dressing table. I also asked the vet for a cutting of Tiggers hair and have gone on line and found a site who made me a necklace which they placed Tiggers hair and a forget me note flower inside sealed, then they engraved on the back of the necklace Tiggers date he was put to sleep and Tigger I miss you.
It hangs around my neck and I kiss it every day, this comforts me.

I still cry daily as it has only been 6 months since we parted, I write to him every day faithfully.

I hope the pain eases for you, god bless, Rose.

Time will heal
by: Karen

I was in the same place 16 months ago. My little Yorkie Poo was put to sleep because of necrotizing pancreatitis. I held her to my chest and told her she was a very good girl while she passed away. I thought I would never be the same. I cried every day and wondered if I would ever stop crying when I thought of her. I felt like I needed to be medicated for depression. Slowly I started talking about Gigi without tears, but I still missed her terribly. About a month ago I rescued a 4 year old Yorkie Poo named Phoebe. I have grown to love this little crazy bundle of energy and I am so glad I found her. She will never replace Gigi, but has helped my heart heal. I wish you the best.

God bless you
by: jean

God bless you and your soulmate, you have been a wonderful mum to this little dog and your lost daughter, they are now both over that rainbow bridge basking in the warm glow of the love you surrounded them with on this earth. I too have lost many dear sweet fur babies, I know they play up there in eternal fields of sunshine and woodlands, and when I go to meet them nothing will ever separate us from them again.

It is such a shame that a lot of fur babies die never knowing a kind word or a gentle hand, but when we go they will have us to put that right, all my love to you on your losses, Jean.x

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