Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Li'l Soulmate'

by Yvonne Muckersie
(Bonnells Bay NSW Australia)

A soulmate does not have to be human, it is a space, a mirror of your own love and emotions.

Last night I had to give my vet permission to put my little Maltese cross into the space above and to visit me in my dreams. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made because this little sausage and I had a spiritual connection.

After I lost my 20 year old daughter this little angel came into my life, I still believe she was sent because I was a broken person and convinced I could never love again. Non animal lovers say "it's only a dog" but I ask you, does an animal not give as much love (sometimes more) than some humans. I can't sleep, I can't eat and my heart is breaking without her, and I told her "it was ok" as they put her to sleep. She trusted me and I betrayed her. She was in heart failure with fluid on her lungs and I had to lie to her and tell her it was ok.

Please to all the animal lovers out there, lets convince people not to hurt or abuse these furry souls that are sent down to us to teach us love, patience and unselfishness.

I am bringing her ashes home to put beside my bedside table because for 11 years she slept beside me "snoring her little head off" and I will miss her dreadfully. There is now another hole in my heart with loss and I am not sure it will ever mend.

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