Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Little Bambie'

by Ariel Arquette
(Toledo, Ohio)

My Little Bambie, I will always Love you.

My Little Bambie, I will always Love you.

Well I have had 4 hamsters and my 5th one was my favorite. Her name was Bambie after my 4th one passed away I begged my mom to get me another one.

So we went all over the place to find me another hamster and we finally found a place and I got a brown and white hamster and called her Bambie. I loved her and fed her and made her a family member. The first day I brought her home she did not know how to get in her house, so she climbed up the corner of the cage and sleep on top of the little house.

And as any other animal she became older and for her 4th birthday I got a big can and little streamers and made her a cake out of her food, and we had a birthday party for her. She looked so happy on that day.

But I was home schooled for 3 years and I finally went to a nice school, and I made friends. And my best friend Sharon Sagura, and she invited me to spend the night over there and I said yes. So my Mom Anji Arquette (you might know her from the Peanut story I am her daughter Ariel I am 10 now) called my BFF's Mom and told her, but I still did not know about yet, but I went home and I came in the door seeing my Mom holding Bambie in a little blanket. I asked "Mom what's wrong with Bambie?" my Mom said she is not feeling well.

And I held Bambie in my arms crying, but I still told her if she wanted to let go let go you don't need to hold on any more. But she hanged on and we had a cage and her little legs would get stuck so we got a tank for her and she loved that tank.

But the last day that she lived was a Sunday and I had dinner and went upstairs to go to bed and she was laying on the bottom of the tank, she laid there I cried and then I found a box, got her favorite blanket and took her downstairs, and the next day we buried her in the flower garden in our front yard.

That day she was day 7 years old Bambie lived a long and happy life, I will always love and remember you Bambie. I love you.

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